FYI: Season 5 playoffs begin November 1st. Season 6 signups open November 8th.
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CONGRATULATIONS to Top Hats and Monocles - NGA Season 4 Amateur League Champions!

After defeating The Rifball Grapists in two games (7-2 and 5-4), Top Hats and Monocles has taken the title!  Congratulations Ehrique, Mr Gecko23, Mr Kingsaint10, Mr Ninja456, Mr Saintz98 and xTGz ZEUS!

Grifball Art Gallery

Here's our third entry in our Grifball Art Gallery! Check out our growing collection of authentic Halo 4 artwork - now featuring an impressive THREE images!

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Grifball's Lament

Life through the eyes of the Grifball in Halo 4. An awesome Grifball poem written by the even more awesome SquirrelBurrito.

Grifball's Lament

Chaos Courts: Alpha

A powerful AI hacked our servers last night and some interesting information was left behind in the forums about the NGA's SL13 Pro map.

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It has begun.  Can you feel it?  This is Grifball.  The time has come.  Now we unite with our friends, align with our allies, and position against our rivals...

This is Grifball

Happy Birthday, NGA!

One year ago today - on May 20th, 2012 - and the National Grifball Association were launched and for better or worse, we're still here today! SquirrelBurrito set up a thread for us all to take a walk down memory lane and share our favorite NGA stories.

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Season 4 Playoffs Have Begun! (finally)

After some long delays (sorry!), Spring League 2013 playoffs are finally getting underway!  Read on forimportant information for Captains and other details...

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NGA Spring League '13 Playoffs

Playoffs are here!

We apologize for the long delay in starting playoffs - a situation arose where the fairness of a game was in question, which required a long time to sort out. Since it would directly affect playoff seeding, we wanted to resolve the situation as fairly and thoroughly as possible. Luckily, it's all finished now, and we are set to begin.


The National Grifball Association's Spring League 2013 (Season 4) Pro League Playoffs will be single elimination format, with each series being the best 2 out of three games. The submission deadline is Friday, July 26th, 2013 at 11:59:59 PM Pacific time for the first round, and the subsequent Friday for each subsequent round. Captains are in charge of contacting each other and scheduling their games before the deadline for the round - if an issue arises, please contact an admin. Streaming is mandatory, but will be arranged and provided for you based on the time slot you select (let us know if you need a day/time not listed, we can probably work something out).

Pro League Bracket


The National Grifball Association's Spring League 2013 (Season 4) Amateur League Playoffs will be single elimination format, with each series being the best 2 out of three games. The submission deadline is Friday, July 26th, 2013 at 11:59:59 PM Pacific time for the first round, and the subsequent Friday for each subsequent round. Captains are in charge of contacting each other and scheduling their games before the deadline for the round - if an issue arises, please contact an admin. Streaming is optional for the Amateur League Playoffs, but if you would like to be streamed, please use the website's Playoff Scheduling form to request a streamer.

Amateur League Bracket

Other Information

ALL PRO LEAGUE GAMES (and any Amateur League games that you want to be streamed) must be scheduled using the Playoff Scheduling form at, so please contact an admin if you are having trouble using it. Neutral Hosts are optional but strongly recommended for both Pros and Amateurs - let us know on the scheduling form if you want one and we'll try to set an agreeable one up for you. Only SquirrelBurrito and NetsPride15 are authorized to stream NGA games, but, like previously stated, we will take care of arranging the streaming as long as you fill out your Playoff Scheduling form.

The default maps and gametypes will remain the same (captains may still agree to play on another gametype, but the league may request that it be renamed during streamed games) as it has been during the regular season, EXCEPT for streamed games which will all default to being played on the map NGA Streamcast Stadium, available on shadowxtc's fileshare - with an alternate option being Season 3's NGA Realism NH.

To everybody participating in this season's playoffs, good luck, and thank you for sticking with the NGA (land of the free and home of the brave)!

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Pro League Bracket

Amateur League Bracket

Rosters, Leaderboards, Game History and Statistics

Schedule a Playoff Game


IMPORTANT - To all Captains of a team in the NGA WL13 Playoffs:

My sincere apologies, but I made a serious error when creating the playoff bracket. The code for our leaderboard page had a bug which has now been fixed, causing me to incorrectly seed some teams. One team was let in which should not have been, while another team that should have been a division leader wasn't included at all.

Most of all, I apologize to the Ninja Man 911 and all of his teammates from Wii Not Fit, for incorrectly including their team in playoffs (and subsequently having to remove them so that the correct division leader could play). I would also like to profusely thank crittenden51 for pointing out this critical flaw in our system, so that we could set things right, and apologize to him and his teammates from FC-5 as well, for almost causing them to lose their chance to be a part of playoffs.

I will say though that in my defense, in these last two weeks I have come down with acute tonsilitis, contagious mononucleosis ("mono"), and my car's clutch died leaving me to use public transportation, lol. I've also had a hospital visit, and a half dozen doctor's appointments. Then my wife and two daughters got sick too (probably with mono also, it's very contagious). So I have not been at my best either as a coder or an admin during this time.

What does this mean for you and your team? Well, you're still in the playoffs, but the team you're supposed to play against may be different. Half of the matchups still lined up the same (fortunately the one match that has been played was one of these), the other half will have different opponents.

Please make sure to visit to check the updated bracket and available scheduling options, contact your opponent to find out which of those would work best for both of your teams, then come back to the site to schedule and reserve that time slot for your game. Please plan to set aside two hours for your playoff games - even if you play quickly it's a best 2- of-3 games series for each match in playoffs, and when you add in things like a host check, finding a neutral host if desired, etc. it tends to run about 2 hours per matchup.

We require playoff games to be scheduled so that in the event that teams agree to play, then one team does not show up, it can be dealt with fairly - in playoffs this will very likely result in a forfeit loss. If your team can not be contacted by your opponent or our admins in a resonable amount of time, it's likely another lower seeded team which did not make it will take their place in playoffs.

Also, another reason for doing it is that we also require all playoff games to be streamed on the NGA channel. The available time slots listed on our scheduling page are guaranteed to have one of our authorized streamers available - coincidentally they are both admins, which provides an extra level of assurance that the games are legit and without serious connection issues - if there are, you already have an admin there to review what happened :).

During playoffs, rosters are also locked. This means that only the players who are currently listed on your team's roster for this season may play in a game for you during playoffs. No changes may be made at this point, the cutoff for that was the last day of make-up week. No substitutions are allowed during playoffs.

Getting a valid host check result in Halo 4 is more difficult, but still possible. Finding a viable neutral host is also much harder. The rules do still allow you to demand a neutral host however, and especially in playoffs this is encouraged if you feel it will greatly impact the outcome of the game (eg: you know there's a strong host puller on the other team, with a not- so-great connection). As always, if you play the entirety of a game, and then bring up an issue - especially if your intent is to have the game overturned - it's unlikely to happen. If there's a problem, take a knee immediately and work it out before you continue playing.

I should also mention that the deadline for completing this first round of playoff games has been extended by one week until January 26th at 11:59pm Pacific time. Any games not played by that point will likely result in the lower seeded team being eliminated from playoffs, or both teams, at the discretion of our admins and likely based off the cooperation level of the captains and other players on the teams involved as far as trying to get these games scheduled and played.

If you have any questions, feel free to bring it up in our chatbox, use our Help / Contact Us form, or send any of our admins a PM either on the site or XBL. We'll also be happy to try and help contact your opponents if you're having trouble getting a response or coming to an agreement as far as the best day/time to play. If you absolutely need to play on a day or time that is not listed, just let us know when and we'll likely be able to accomodate your schedule.

Again, I apologize for any trouble this has caused, and thank you all for reading my wall! To those who did not make playoffs or will only be around for this first round, we hope to see you next season (signups will likely be open shortly after playoffs complete). Best of luck to all of you and I hope you all have some good games!

Season 2 (FL12) Playoffs

Playoffs time! There are some new rules going into effect this postseason, designed to keep playoffs moving and increase accountability as well as making them more accessible to the community at large. In no particular order, here's what's up:

How we determined seeding/teams:

-At 12:01am Pacific this morning, we added all submitted forfeits into the system.
-We ranked teams by W/L record, including forfeit wins
-In ties the following rules apply:
-the first tie breaker is number of forfeit wins; if two teams have identical records and one has played more, they will get the higher seed. (This does not apply however if it is deciding which team(s) advance to playoffs. This only applies for seeding when involved teams are all 'safely' in playoffs.)
-the second tie breaker (and in some cases the first) is GPG
-the final tiebreaker, if necessary, is overall team K/D


Given the time constraints upon us, we need to ensure all games are played in a timely manner, even in spite of ourselves and our community's tendency to do things at the last minute whenever possible. For this reason, we're going to try something new. For each week of playoffs, a number of 2 hour blocks of time will be offered as official game times. You can find the first week time slots here. Each of these time blocks comes with its own streamer, so you will only need to find a neutral host. When two captains decide on a time to play, reserve that slot by clicking on it in the FL12 Playoff Calendar and filling out the form. The game will then be scheduled in our main NGA Events calendar. Before you start worrying about your unique schedule, take a look. You'll see that we're offering multiple time slots every day through Monday, with varied times each day. There are also 16 spots open for 4 series that need to be played, so there are plenty to go around. Please give us as much notice as possible so we can advertise your game. If one or both teams do not show up to a scheduled game time (we will check with both captains when the time is reserved) we reserve the right to issue a forfeit(s).

Neutral Host:

Teams may play without a host if both captains agree and no adverse network conditions are seen in the game. However, we strongly recommend having a Neutral host, and it is always required if a captain requests it. Both teams should have potential NHs ready at their scheduled game time, and in the end, if it is a one sided request, the requesting captain is ultimately responsible for fulfilling this requirement. However - in cases where we have to do something extreme to get a game played - ie benching a player who is pulling or playing 3v3 - favor will fall to the team(s) who can prove they tried to get the game neutral hosted. This might be the one thing the NGA wishes you weren't going to be a douche about.


If you haven't been watching our recent streams, you've been missing out. We have a great core audience who always shows up in force to see games played and mingle with the community. While some folks might be shy or otherwise against streaming, we strongly feel all playoff games should be streamed. Not only does it preserve them for the ages, it helps strengthen and add new blood to the community. So be a star! Mute the streamer if you don't want to be heard. If a streamer ever conclusively hurts a game's connection or otherwise interrupts normal play, this may be waived. You'll be told who your streamer will be when we confirm your gametime request.


1st round games must be completed by Monday, October 22

2nd round games must be completed by Monday, October 29

For the finals, we request the games be played on the final weekend so they can be included in our lineup of events saying goodbye to Reach - Nov 2-3 - but if this is absolutely impossible, we will work with the final two teams as long as the game is played by Sunday, November 4.

Any questions, please ask, and we look forward to seeing everyone fight it out for the title!

One final reminder: Rosters were locked at the end of makeup week. Keep this in mind when you schedule to avoid a 3v4 situation.

View the FL12 Playoff Bracket


Congratulations to On the Fence, its Captain four to oh, and all of its players: Crusader0102, Cutthroat912, iHoncho316, L1ght5aber, NEJI HYUGA240, and x Sabceef x for winning the very first NGA Championship title for Summer League 2012 after defeating Blunts of Fury in the finals. Hopefully in the next week or so we'll be able to get the team together and do an interview about the ups and down of this past season, and how it translated into victory at the end. Stay tuned!

It was a long, hard-fought road just to get to the finals, and both teams deserve a great deal of respect for their accomplishments. We would also like to thank all of those who have helped us out immensely this season by streaming and neutral hosting games - as well as the entire community for helping to make the NGA's first season such a success!

As a sign of gratitude from the NGA for their dedication and in recognition of what an accomplishment it is to win the championship, each of the players from On the Fence will receive a personalized NGA SEASON 1 CHAMPS trophy engraved with their gamertag and team name!  Their player profiles will of course get some champion awards - and perhaps they'll get some other website perks as well. 

Also, all players who participated in Playoffs this season will receive a special award on their player profile here at as well as at

With SML12 finally in the record books, we're looking forward to our next (not to mention the last in Reach) Championship, which will be held in just a few weeks. Season two's playoffs begin tommorrow night, so be sure to swing by Monday morning for all the details. With Halo 4's release just around the corner, we're only able to allow exactly one week for each of the two rounds of Playoffs. Save the date - the Championship games will be held on Friday, November 2nd and Saturday, November 3rd (if a second day is necessary) as part of our 'Farewell to Reach!' activities and events.

Season 1 Championship - Friday 9pm

At long last, after a grueling 5 weeks and an immense double elimination playoff bracket, the NGA's first season will come to its conclusion tomorrow (Friday) at 9pm Eastern as we stream our very first league Championship LIVE. On the Fence will take on Blunts of Fury one last time in what should be a truly epic battle! After meeting in the top bracket, On the Fence came out on top, but Blunts of Fury refused to throw in the towel and has returned as strong as ever from the lower bracket. Having already won one series of Finals games, Blunts of Fury will be bringing everything they've got to complete the upset over On the Fence. However, On the Fence is a strong team itself, and with pride on the line, anything could happen. We hope you'll all be able to join us, as we'll also be making some special league announcements during the stream.

Check back right here tomorrow at 9pm for a link to the stream! You can also follow our Twitter account ( or our official Twitch stream ( for instant updates and the most access to all the best the grifball community has to offer.



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