FYI: Season 5 playoffs begin November 1st. Season 6 signups open November 8th.
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CONGRATULATIONS to Top Hats and Monocles - NGA Season 4 Amateur League Champions!

After defeating The Rifball Grapists in two games (7-2 and 5-4), Top Hats and Monocles has taken the title!  Congratulations Ehrique, Mr Gecko23, Mr Kingsaint10, Mr Ninja456, Mr Saintz98 and xTGz ZEUS!

Grifball Art Gallery

Here's our third entry in our Grifball Art Gallery! Check out our growing collection of authentic Halo 4 artwork - now featuring an impressive THREE images!

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Grifball's Lament

Life through the eyes of the Grifball in Halo 4. An awesome Grifball poem written by the even more awesome SquirrelBurrito.

Grifball's Lament

Chaos Courts: Alpha

A powerful AI hacked our servers last night and some interesting information was left behind in the forums about the NGA's SL13 Pro map.

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It has begun.  Can you feel it?  This is Grifball.  The time has come.  Now we unite with our friends, align with our allies, and position against our rivals...

This is Grifball

Happy Birthday, NGA!

One year ago today - on May 20th, 2012 - and the National Grifball Association were launched and for better or worse, we're still here today! SquirrelBurrito set up a thread for us all to take a walk down memory lane and share our favorite NGA stories.

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Season 4 Playoffs Have Begun! (finally)

After some long delays (sorry!), Spring League 2013 playoffs are finally getting underway!  Read on forimportant information for Captains and other details...

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NGA All-Pro Game

NGA WL13 All Pro Game

From NGA Admin BossTycoon X:

This season at the NGA we decided to switch it up from the same ol' "All-Stars" and acknowledge 16 "NGA All-Pro" players who played their hearts out all season! These 16 players are some of the top players this season (WL13) who not only played well during the regular season but helped get their teams into the playoffs. More than half of the players selected have won or been in an NGA Championship game so there is no doubt all these players are All-Pro. With all that being said, here are your 1st & 2nd team NGA All-Pro players!!


SlimJimX50 - The New York Pineapples
PilVlpindacrib - The Fatal Four


Ezy08 - Turquoise Jeep


SilentShadow459 - Vendetta
ActiveHate - The Black List
Killjoy D22 - The Fatal Four
A man canon - Goldfish and Nail Polish


Yo DrGreenthumb- Clutch Betrayal
REDBARON225 - Vendetta


DlGITAL PAIN - Vendetta
Crusader0102 - Greatest Hits


ACE B S1lentND1 - A Righteous Kill
Kemp Can Thrust - GentINC
R U RAZ ENOUGH - The Fatal Four
Halfbreed105 - Greatest Hits

The NGA All-Pro Game will be streamed live ( TONIGHT (Tuesday) at 8PM Eastern, so make sure to tune in!!

All participating players will be entered into a raffle for an 800 MSP code, with the winner drawn live on stream. Hope to see you there!
Thanks to BossTycoon X for putting the Season 3 All-Pro game together and donating the prize for the night. <3

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SML12 All-Star Game!

On Saturday October 20 (Time TBA), the NGA SML 12 All-Stars will meet up to determine who was the best of the best from the last season. These players proved through their stats that they were true forces to be reckoned with. First, let me introduce your NGA SML 12 All-Stars!


Ezy08 - "Fatal Four"
BossTycoon x - "Blunts of Fury"


Godlxss - "Vibrating Ron Di's"
Crusader0102 - "On The Fence"


A Winter Moose - "Vibrating Ron Di's"
Halfbreed105 - "Blunts of Fury"
ixGingy - "The Thundercats"
S1lentNdeadly1 - "A Righteous Kill"

Runner/Hybrid: KID TONGA 1 - "A Righteous kil"
Tanks: iSnipeUd0wn- "Orderly Chaos" & Glockshine - "Vibrating Ron Di's"

This season's All-Star game will feature players who had a standout season. Here is a little background information on your NGA SML12 All-Stars. Starting with our runners, we have Ezy08 and myself (BossTycoon x) who have quite a history together, as both teammates and rivals. Ezy08 is representing the "Fatal Four" tonight. He has had quite the grifball career so far, with an AGLA Ammy 'ship and 2 GGL Championships (Vanilla & Dash). I will be representing "Blunts of Fury" who is currently in the SML12 championship game. I'm a 2 time AGLA All-Star, I have a UGL Championship (lulz) and I also have 2 GGL Championships (Vanilla & Dash). Both of us are known to be aggressive runners so expect a lot of position changes.

As for the Hybrids, we have Crusader0102 and Godlxss. Both put up the goals and + K/D to be at the top ranks of the Hybrid position for these games. Crusader0102, a member of the AGLA/NGA/GGL team "4G1B" will be representing "On The Fence," which is in the NGA SML12 Championship game. Crusader0102 has really stepped his game up the last couple seasons, and 4G1B just won the GGL SML12 Dash Championship. The other Hybrid will be Godlxss from "Vibrating Ron Di's". He really had a break out season leading the league in goals scored at the end of the regular season. Godlxss also just won his 1st Championship in the GGL, winning the Vanilla 'ship. With these two in the game, you never know what can happen.

The tanks chosen are some of the top and up and coming players in grifball, starting with halfbreed105 who will be representing "Blunts of Fury". Halfbreed105 is a 4x AGLA champion and a GGL champion, so be sure to tune in and watch one of the greats play. Next we have S1lentNdeadly1, who will be out there representing "A Righteous kill". S1lentNdeadly1 sure does live up to his name - the kid doesn't talk much but his hammer is sure deadly. The third tank to be elected is A Winter Moose, who will be representing "Vibrating Ron Di's". A Winter Moose has been one of the top tanks in grifball the last couple seasons, and is just coming off a GGL Vanilla Championship. He is known to go positive 99% of the time, and it will be interesting to see if he can go positive against the top players in the league. Finally, we have ixGingy, who will be representing "The Thundercats". The Thundercats ended up being a forfeit team but before his team bailed on him he put up pretty good numbers, and who knows how positive this kid could have gone if his team didn't quit out on him. ixGingy is sure proving that he can hang with the vets, recently putting up ICE like numbers against the "GOD SQUAD" in the GGL World Cup.

Finally, I'd like to introduce our Alternates. These 3 players just missed making the starting squad but if someone doesn't show be sure that they are going to be ready to play. We have KID TONGA 1 who will be the runner/hybrid alt. He is the runner for "A Righteous Kill" who has a Tank starting in the game(S1lentNdeadly1). If KID TONGA 1 ends up playing, be sure to watch out, he also is a aggressive runner who isn't afraid to punch you in the face. The tank alternates will be iSnipeUd0wn and GlockShine. iSnipeUd0wn is the captain of "Orderly Chaos" and made a pretty good playoff run this last season. He hasn't been in the league for too long but he sure is one of the top tanks. GlockShine, also known as 'Blue Blazes' will be representing "Vibrating Ron Di's". He is coming off a GGL Vanilla Championship and has been on fire the last couple seasons.

I hope all you tune in to watch the NGA SML12 ALL-STAR Game on Saturday, October 20. (Time TBA) Be sure to follow our twitter account ( and our official Twitch channel ( for the latest updates on this special game in addition to our regular league and playoff streams.



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