FYI: Season 5 playoffs begin November 1st. Season 6 signups open November 8th.
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All rules are subject to change at any time.
It is the responsibility of all NGA players to know and understand these rules.
If you or anyone else has any questions, please use the Help / Contact Us form.


- If you change your Gamertag, you should immediately update it in your User Profile.
- If you are a captain and one of your teammates changes their Gamertag, let us know and we'll take care of it.
- Minimum roster size is 4, maximum roster size 8, unless stated otherwise for an event.
- Once a player plays for a team, they are locked (e.g. may not be removed from your roster or change teams) for the remainder of the event/season.
- Players may only play on one team in any particular event or season.
- Once playoffs begin, you may not change your roster or team name.
- Substitutions are not allowed. You may only play a new player if you have an open roster slot, that player will be automatically added to your team.
- Splitscreen players must be on the same team; splitscreen is discouraged in general.
- Players on the roster can be alternated between games. Players not on the roster cannot participate in the games.
- All Gamertags must be valid & set in your profile settings.
- Exceptions to the substitution rule MAY be made (except in playoffs) on a case-by-case basis by the admins, and may require the other captain's approval. 
- Substitutes must not have played yet in the event/season and may not play for another team in that event/season after substituting.  
- Substitute players do not necessarily become part of your roster and can not be used again without approval.


- Be sure to contact the opposing teams and admins if you can not play when scheduled.
- Missing four consecutive games (e.g. forfeit factories) without notifying an admin may be grounds for removal from the remainder of the event/season.
- All matches must be played in their entirety, unless both teams agree on postponing the remainder of the match.
- If a team doesn't have enough players online to play a game, they can either forfeit, postpone until make-up week, or try to reschedule with the other team.


- Games should be preceeded by a host check, and both captains must agree to the network conditions before playing.  
- If the captains can not agree to the conditions, you must either find a neutral host, reschedule, or wait until a suitable connection can be established.
- Players must EXIT party chat prior to a game starting unless both captains agree otherwise. Mute the other team instead and use game chat.
- Party chat uses twice the bandwidth, processor and memory as game chat and unless you have a great connection, could impact the game's performance.
- The default gametype is NGA Grifball WL13, located on shadowxtc's fileshare. - The default map is NGA Chaos Cathedral, located on shadowxtc's fileshare. - You can play any Grifball game type (Hand Egg or Thruster Pack OK, SWAT is not) that the two captains agree to unless otherwise stated for an event.
- You can play on any NGA Approved map that the two captains agree to unless otherwise stated for an event.
- Visit the Official Maps and Gametypes thread for a complete list of official maps and gametypes.
- Games must be played with at least 3 players, however the opposing team does not have to drop a player if you can not get a full team to play.
- Games must be completed with the same lineup of players that they started with. If this is not possible, contact an admin for help.
- Game lobbies should be set to invite only prior to the game commencing.
- The higher ranked (or higher seeded) team will be Red Team and be party leader the first game, and the teams should alternate for subsequent games.
- Home team (party leader) is red and away team is blue.


- Neutral hosts may be required in playoffs.
- Both captains must agree to any neutral host or observer/streamer used.
- The neutral host or streamer must not be from either of the teams playing.
- If the teams are playing two or more neutral hosted games they should alternate choosing a neutral host and alternate which team this neutral host is on.
- Neutral hosts and streamers must immediately go to the host box, and should not press any buttons or their left thumbstick - you must not appear on radar.
- Using any weapon is prohibited while neutral hosting or streaming - this includes the Magnum.  Offenders may be asked to avoid future games.
- Providing one team with an unfair advantage (eg: by making callouts, coaching, etc.) is also prohibited while neutral hosting or streaming.
- Maximum players allowed in a game is 10 (two teams of 4 + 1 optional neutral host + 1 optional neutral observer/streamer).
- Games may only be streamed with approval from both captains.
- In playoffs, the league may require certain games be streamed.
- Need help getting a game Neutral Hosted or Streamed?  Let us Know!


- Any of these rules and any game may be disputed by speaking to a league administrator.
- Be sure to save your game films - we may not be able to help you otherwise if you need to dispute a game.
- In the event of serious connection issues or a player dropping, all players on your team should immediately crouch (take a knee).
- If one team takes a knee, the other team must take a knee immediately as well - and only the two captains should meet at center court to discuss the issue.
- Killing any player while one or both teams is taking a knee is strictly forbidden.
- If a host switch occurs, a player drops, or the connection is too unstable to keep playing on, you should immediately take a knee and discuss the problem.
- If there are any issues, it is a good idea to immediately inform an admin of the problem, while still taking a knee and before ending the game, if possible.
- If the two captains can agree to continue playing the game, that is preferred and recommended.
- You can always dispute the results of the game.
- You may be required to replay one or more rounds if the administrators decide it is necessary to ensure a fair game for both sides.
If the two captains can not come to an agreement on how to proceed:
- Take note of which team has posession of the ball, along with the current score. 
- End the game and re-run the host check.
- When both captains agree the conditions are good to resume, the game should be restarted to complete the remainder of the 9 rounds.
- When restarting a game, DO NOT re-score the bombs - only play those rounds that were not played in the first part of the game.
- Submit each part of the game separately - we will combine the statistics for you - your career numbers will remain accurate.
- Examples of why you might restart a game: Connection won't clear up, player dropped and didn't come back, host switch in neutral hosted game.

To resume a game after taking a knee:
- Both teams retreat to their side, standing on the spawn points with backs against the wall.
- The team with posession of the ball will drop it and pick it back up to signal the game has restarted and players can begin moving/killing again.
- If neither team had posession or posession is disputed, the ball should be left on the ground to reset while both teams wait at their spawns.
- When the bomb resets and reappears in mid-court, the game has restarted and players can begin moving and killing again.


- Speech, text or voice messages which could be considered a hate crime or otherwise illegal will not be tolerated.
- Trash talking, teabagging, etc. are permitted.
- The same conduct rules apply to team names, forum posts, private messages between players and use of the chatbox as well as in-game communication.
- Statpadding in league games is prohibited, except in events where it is specifically permitted.
- Statpadding is defined as a team getting 10 or more kills while in posession of the bomb on the enemy side and not taking opportunities to score.
- This is a small community, even if you dislike someone, please try to remain courteous.
Cheating of any kind is prohibited, this includes:
- Manipulating your hardware or software (modding) - whether it be XBox or otherwise - in a way that alters gameplay abnormally.
- Denial of Service attacks against other players.
- Manipulating (hacking) another player's connection, hardware or software to alter their gameplay experience.
- Intentionally lagging or flooding your connection (eg: multiple streams or file transfers) in a way that negatively affects the game for others.
- Tampering with network traffic in any way (eg: lag switches, host booting, bridging for host, altering or fabricating game data).


- Accurate Waypoint host check and game links must be submitted by the winning team before any set deadlines.
- Please submit your games on time.
- Don't forget to include a link to the Host Check when submitting your games.
- Host checks are always recommended, but they are mandatory during Playoffs or when using a Neutral Host.
- If a game was ended and continued, you should submit the game link from the original ended game as well as the game which you restarted the match in.


- We do not honor bans from the GGL, AGLA or other leagues, all players are welcome.
- We do not honor rules from these other leagues either, please refer to our rules or speak with an admin if you have a question. 

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