FYI: Season 5 playoffs begin November 1st. Season 6 signups open November 8th.
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CONGRATULATIONS to Top Hats and Monocles - NGA Season 4 Amateur League Champions!

After defeating The Rifball Grapists in two games (7-2 and 5-4), Top Hats and Monocles has taken the title!  Congratulations Ehrique, Mr Gecko23, Mr Kingsaint10, Mr Ninja456, Mr Saintz98 and xTGz ZEUS!

Grifball Art Gallery

Here's our third entry in our Grifball Art Gallery! Check out our growing collection of authentic Halo 4 artwork - now featuring an impressive THREE images!

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Grifball's Lament

Life through the eyes of the Grifball in Halo 4. An awesome Grifball poem written by the even more awesome SquirrelBurrito.

Grifball's Lament

Chaos Courts: Alpha

A powerful AI hacked our servers last night and some interesting information was left behind in the forums about the NGA's SL13 Pro map.

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It has begun.  Can you feel it?  This is Grifball.  The time has come.  Now we unite with our friends, align with our allies, and position against our rivals...

This is Grifball

Happy Birthday, NGA!

One year ago today - on May 20th, 2012 - and the National Grifball Association were launched and for better or worse, we're still here today! SquirrelBurrito set up a thread for us all to take a walk down memory lane and share our favorite NGA stories.

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Season 4 Playoffs Have Begun! (finally)

After some long delays (sorry!), Spring League 2013 playoffs are finally getting underway!  Read on forimportant information for Captains and other details...

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Check Your Stats!

Another important announcement for captains this morning...

We have found (and corrected) a few inconsistencies in the Season 2 Stats in the last day.  Please take a moment to look over your team's record and make sure everything looks OK.

To do this, first click on Season 2 Stats above, then on your team's name.  You should check the number of games shown there, the scores, and the players listed for each game.  Also, you should check the Season 2 Team Leaderboard, Tanks Leaderboard and Bomb Carrier Leaderboard to make sure your team's numbers look accurate.

I would also like to note that the Team Leaderboard should be showing 100% accurate numbers based off of each team's games, but the sorting of the list is not perfect yet - it will be updated before Playoffs to be sorted by Win Rate %, then by Goals-per-Game as a tiebreaker, and finally by K/D.

If by chance you do find any errors, please let an Admin know ASAP and we'll do our best to track down and fix the problem right away!

Week 1 Recap and League Update


First things first - we will soon be launching the NGA YouTube Channel where you can view selected clips of amazing feats as well as any full game videos we can get our hands on from official NGA matches.  Please upload your full game films (or clips if you prefer) to your fileshare, tag them NGA, then send SquirrelBurrito a message and we'll put them live as soon as we can.


So we will eventually be handing out some official player awards which will be based off of all-time NGA career stats (eg: Played 100 NGA Games, Detonated 100 Bombs, etc.) - nothing like Achievables don't worry :).  But for the time being I thought it would be kind of funny to hand out these 100% Unofficial Awards for Week 1:

For the Lag Spike (1) and Rage Quit (2) divisions we bestow the title of Twins - each of these divisions had a 9-0 match and another heavily weighted match...  Way to Fail shut out Omega Swarm and went 6-3 over Orderly Chaos.  OGDEN RAPTORS shut out Top Hats and Monocles while Clutch Betrayal went 7-2 over Top Hats.  Each of these divisions also had two rescheduled matches.

For the Red Bar (3) division I see little choice but to grant you the title of Stoned.  All four teams here rescheduled...

Then over in the Teleport (4) division we're going to give you guys the Synchronization award, both games played here were 8-1 - Vibrating Ron Di's over the New York Pineapples and The Fatal Four over Monocles and Top hats.  Also two rescheduled matches here.

Next in the Connection Whore (5) division, we're going to entitle you to the Try Some award - some of you tried to play - most of you didn't :).  Only one match was played here, The Thundercats over Stiffy Gigglesticks 7-2.  I'm sure you guys will get a second game in next week, maybe then you'll get the Try Some More award!

Finally in the Black Screen (6) division from way over across the great Atlantic... we're going to give you the most coveted award this week - the Punctuality award.  All of you played your games within the 3-hour schedule window - amazing, and thank you guys!  Guess this is no surprise from a place where a clock tower is a tourist trap, consuming caffeine has a schedule, and people still carry pocket watches though :).


As we have said before, playoff selection will be from two separate groups of 6 (we haven't decided which group will be chosen first yet however) - the top 6 teams from the entire league as a whole, and the top team from each division.  This means it's possible for an entire division to end up in playoffs, but at least one team will always be getting in :).  Team Selection will be made first by Win Rate %, then Bombs Planted if there's a tie, and a final tie-breaker of KD.  There will be a similar but not yet tweaked formula used for selection for our All Star Games which will take place after the season completes... That's another story though.

Currently the top six teams are Way to Fail, Team Impact, OGDEN RAPTORS, Vibrating Ron Di's, The Fatal Four and Clutch Betrayal.  Click here for the full list.

As I said the top players aren't properly ranked yet, but you can click here if you want to see a list that's sort-of-accurate.


Along with this giant league update, as of today there are expanded stats including Player Career Stats as well as some basic Team Management features for Team Owners - you can now change your team name in an event, you can change your Parent Team name (the name for your team's All-Time NGA stats, which will be available soon), as well as manage your roster.  Team Owners can also grant their Captains the power to make roster changes as well.

Along with the updated stats we have a new feature where you can leave comments to or about players on their player profile page - we're hoping this will help some newcomers earn some cred (or just the opposite for some) amongst the community from people who've played with them and want to give them a thumbs up or thumbs down, or just comment on their play style.


I also wanted to update you all on how things look as far as prizes for the end of the season - at the moment we have a total of $54 from donations and ad revenue - this is reserved for prizes and will be enough for the standard 800 MS points per player on the championship team.  If we happen to get more donations or ad revenue, the prizes may get better, or we may decide to offer smaller prizes to the 2nd place team.

Also, the website's free hosting ends in 20 days - after that point it will cost about $40/month to operate - we're not begging, but asking nicely, if anybody can afford even a few dollars, please click the PayPal Donate button at the bottom of the page.  If anybody does choose to donate, please make sure when doing so to leave us a message and indicate if it should be used for Prizes or for Website Costs.


Also, please upload any cool screenshots and tag them NGA as well, we'll use some for our homepage slider image, but we also want to create a Grifball Art Gallery here on our website - we will launch this over the next few weeks.  Even if your screenshot isn't a masterpiece, upload it to your fileshare, tag it NGA, and send SquirrelBurrito a message and we'll post them here soon.

Some Stats Live

The beginnings of NGA Stats are online!

Don't get your hopes up too much though, it will still be a day or so before all of the games are entered.  And a few more days before the display page look nicer.  And even a few more days before we have things like Player Totals and Team Totals.  Averages, Bests/Worsts, etc. will come even later :).  It's a work in progress, but it will be worth it.

Please feel free to visit the Stats thread in our forums to report any bugs or to request features.

UPDATE: All games and player data from last weekend's event have been entered.  Stay tuned for updates as I build out the stats system.

UPDATE 2: Team Event Totals and Player Event Totals are now available.

UPDATE 3: Event Grand Totals are now available.



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