FYI: Season 5 playoffs begin November 1st. Season 6 signups open November 8th.
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CONGRATULATIONS to Top Hats and Monocles - NGA Season 4 Amateur League Champions!

After defeating The Rifball Grapists in two games (7-2 and 5-4), Top Hats and Monocles has taken the title!  Congratulations Ehrique, Mr Gecko23, Mr Kingsaint10, Mr Ninja456, Mr Saintz98 and xTGz ZEUS!

Grifball Art Gallery

Here's our third entry in our Grifball Art Gallery! Check out our growing collection of authentic Halo 4 artwork - now featuring an impressive THREE images!

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Grifball's Lament

Life through the eyes of the Grifball in Halo 4. An awesome Grifball poem written by the even more awesome SquirrelBurrito.

Grifball's Lament

Chaos Courts: Alpha

A powerful AI hacked our servers last night and some interesting information was left behind in the forums about the NGA's SL13 Pro map.

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It has begun.  Can you feel it?  This is Grifball.  The time has come.  Now we unite with our friends, align with our allies, and position against our rivals...

This is Grifball

Happy Birthday, NGA!

One year ago today - on May 20th, 2012 - and the National Grifball Association were launched and for better or worse, we're still here today! SquirrelBurrito set up a thread for us all to take a walk down memory lane and share our favorite NGA stories.

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Season 4 Playoffs Have Begun! (finally)

After some long delays (sorry!), Spring League 2013 playoffs are finally getting underway!  Read on forimportant information for Captains and other details...

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NGA All-Pro Game

NGA WL13 All Pro Game

From NGA Admin BossTycoon X:

This season at the NGA we decided to switch it up from the same ol' "All-Stars" and acknowledge 16 "NGA All-Pro" players who played their hearts out all season! These 16 players are some of the top players this season (WL13) who not only played well during the regular season but helped get their teams into the playoffs. More than half of the players selected have won or been in an NGA Championship game so there is no doubt all these players are All-Pro. With all that being said, here are your 1st & 2nd team NGA All-Pro players!!


SlimJimX50 - The New York Pineapples
PilVlpindacrib - The Fatal Four


Ezy08 - Turquoise Jeep


SilentShadow459 - Vendetta
ActiveHate - The Black List
Killjoy D22 - The Fatal Four
A man canon - Goldfish and Nail Polish


Yo DrGreenthumb- Clutch Betrayal
REDBARON225 - Vendetta


DlGITAL PAIN - Vendetta
Crusader0102 - Greatest Hits


ACE B S1lentND1 - A Righteous Kill
Kemp Can Thrust - GentINC
R U RAZ ENOUGH - The Fatal Four
Halfbreed105 - Greatest Hits

The NGA All-Pro Game will be streamed live ( TONIGHT (Tuesday) at 8PM Eastern, so make sure to tune in!!

All participating players will be entered into a raffle for an 800 MSP code, with the winner drawn live on stream. Hope to see you there!
Thanks to BossTycoon X for putting the Season 3 All-Pro game together and donating the prize for the night. <3

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IMPORTANT - To all Captains of a team in the NGA WL13 Playoffs:

My sincere apologies, but I made a serious error when creating the playoff bracket. The code for our leaderboard page had a bug which has now been fixed, causing me to incorrectly seed some teams. One team was let in which should not have been, while another team that should have been a division leader wasn't included at all.

Most of all, I apologize to the Ninja Man 911 and all of his teammates from Wii Not Fit, for incorrectly including their team in playoffs (and subsequently having to remove them so that the correct division leader could play). I would also like to profusely thank crittenden51 for pointing out this critical flaw in our system, so that we could set things right, and apologize to him and his teammates from FC-5 as well, for almost causing them to lose their chance to be a part of playoffs.

I will say though that in my defense, in these last two weeks I have come down with acute tonsilitis, contagious mononucleosis ("mono"), and my car's clutch died leaving me to use public transportation, lol. I've also had a hospital visit, and a half dozen doctor's appointments. Then my wife and two daughters got sick too (probably with mono also, it's very contagious). So I have not been at my best either as a coder or an admin during this time.

What does this mean for you and your team? Well, you're still in the playoffs, but the team you're supposed to play against may be different. Half of the matchups still lined up the same (fortunately the one match that has been played was one of these), the other half will have different opponents.

Please make sure to visit to check the updated bracket and available scheduling options, contact your opponent to find out which of those would work best for both of your teams, then come back to the site to schedule and reserve that time slot for your game. Please plan to set aside two hours for your playoff games - even if you play quickly it's a best 2- of-3 games series for each match in playoffs, and when you add in things like a host check, finding a neutral host if desired, etc. it tends to run about 2 hours per matchup.

We require playoff games to be scheduled so that in the event that teams agree to play, then one team does not show up, it can be dealt with fairly - in playoffs this will very likely result in a forfeit loss. If your team can not be contacted by your opponent or our admins in a resonable amount of time, it's likely another lower seeded team which did not make it will take their place in playoffs.

Also, another reason for doing it is that we also require all playoff games to be streamed on the NGA channel. The available time slots listed on our scheduling page are guaranteed to have one of our authorized streamers available - coincidentally they are both admins, which provides an extra level of assurance that the games are legit and without serious connection issues - if there are, you already have an admin there to review what happened :).

During playoffs, rosters are also locked. This means that only the players who are currently listed on your team's roster for this season may play in a game for you during playoffs. No changes may be made at this point, the cutoff for that was the last day of make-up week. No substitutions are allowed during playoffs.

Getting a valid host check result in Halo 4 is more difficult, but still possible. Finding a viable neutral host is also much harder. The rules do still allow you to demand a neutral host however, and especially in playoffs this is encouraged if you feel it will greatly impact the outcome of the game (eg: you know there's a strong host puller on the other team, with a not- so-great connection). As always, if you play the entirety of a game, and then bring up an issue - especially if your intent is to have the game overturned - it's unlikely to happen. If there's a problem, take a knee immediately and work it out before you continue playing.

I should also mention that the deadline for completing this first round of playoff games has been extended by one week until January 26th at 11:59pm Pacific time. Any games not played by that point will likely result in the lower seeded team being eliminated from playoffs, or both teams, at the discretion of our admins and likely based off the cooperation level of the captains and other players on the teams involved as far as trying to get these games scheduled and played.

If you have any questions, feel free to bring it up in our chatbox, use our Help / Contact Us form, or send any of our admins a PM either on the site or XBL. We'll also be happy to try and help contact your opponents if you're having trouble getting a response or coming to an agreement as far as the best day/time to play. If you absolutely need to play on a day or time that is not listed, just let us know when and we'll likely be able to accomodate your schedule.

Again, I apologize for any trouble this has caused, and thank you all for reading my wall! To those who did not make playoffs or will only be around for this first round, we hope to see you next season (signups will likely be open shortly after playoffs complete). Best of luck to all of you and I hope you all have some good games!

Winter League 2013 Make-Up Week

Make-Up week is underway for our Winter season. Please make every effort to work around the New Year and get as many games played as possible. Seeding can come down to plants per game and other stats you can only earn while playing games. It is important, not to mention way more fun, to actually play your games. Here's what you need to know:


In order to have some form of accountability, please use the following policy for make-up week.

If you have unplayed games, it is important that you check the Make-Up Week Schedule, contact your opponents, and get those games played immediately. Any game submitted after the end of Saturday, January 5th (at 11:59:59pm Pacific time) will not be accepted.


All games in Make-Up Week are scheduled for your division's normal day to play (for example the Ninja division plays on Fridays) at 9pm Eastern time. Plan to have your team online and available to play for at least one hour. If your opponents are not available, start a custom game with just your team - it doesn't matter what game or how long you play - then message one of our Admins (preferrably via PM on XBL) to prove you were online at that time. This will guarantee that the other team can not request a forfeit win against your team.

*For Sunday division only - since this was not posted until Monday, if you have any questions on who deserves a forfeit win from whom, please message an admin and we will work out issues on a case-by-case basis.


Even if you can't play on the scheduled day, do your best to work with your opponents and try to get the games played anyway. If you do reschedule, you and the other captain should both send one of our Admins a message with the new day and time you plan to play. You should still follow the procedure mentioned above on that rescheduled day and time if your opponent still doesn't show up.


If in the end, you still can not get your opponent to play you, instructions for how to file for a forfeit win are on the Game Submission Form.


Captains should also be aware that at the completion of make-up week rosters for every team will be locked. This means that you will no longer be able to add players if you have spots available, or remove those who have been benched all season. Only players who appear on your roster are allowed to play for your team during playoffs - so if you need to make any changes, be sure to do so before the end of Saturday!

WL13 Second Chance Signups

Team Registration for Winter League 2013 has been re-opened to replace forfeit factories with new teams that would like to play.  Any team signing up should be aware that you will have three weeks to play all 10 of your regular season games.  Any team not willing to do whatever it takes to make this happen should consider waiting until next season's signups open.

So far, it looks like we'll have the following openings:

Register a Team

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NGA Season 3 - Starts TONIGHT!

So you've signed up for a Grifball league... least you've come to the right place! With the season officially started, here's some tips to help you get the ball rolling.

First, you'll want to check out the divisions and schedule page. Find your division, note the day and time period you are scheduled to play. We do semi-open scheduling at the NGA. We understand that not every team will be available at 9pm sharp on their day every week, so when you signed up, you were given timeframes to work with. Communication is key here! Talk to the captains you'll be facing in advance if possible, and schedule a time that works for both teams to play. Captains are encouraged to send a friend request on XBL to our group tag, NGA Grifball, which will help when contacting other teams or looking for help from staff. It may also be helpful to set up a team thread in our forums where other teams can contact and interact with yours.

When it is gametime, make sure you have four players ready to go. Your roster can have a maximum of 8 players on it, and once a player has played for a team, they can't be removed from their roster or play for another team this season. We do not allow substitutions in this league except under the most extreme circumstances. If you have open roster spots, you are welcome to add a player at gametime when necessary, as long as they are not roster locked on another team. Also, be sure to let an NGA staff member know you're doing this. Same goes for gamertag changes! You can find a list of our admins and staff here.

When you have four players ready to go, start a custom lobby for eight players, and set it invite only. Invite the other team, load the official league gametype and map and you're good to go. For issues with neutral hosts and streaming, please read more here. The game will have nine untimed rounds, and the bomb will reset after each goal scored. The team that scores five or more goals is the winner, but all rounds must be played out regardless of when the fifth point is scored. If scheduling is difficult, feel free to play both games against a team at once; you are scheduled to play each of the five other teams in your division twice over the next five weeks.

If there are problems in-game, have your entire team crouch on the court. The two captains (or representative player if the captain is not in the game) will go to midcourt and talk about the problem. You can find most everything you'll need to know about disputes and other issues in our rules. When play is stopped, do not continue to kill the other team or score. This is against our rules and may affect the outcome of the game. If you cannot resolve your problem, contact a league admin - we try to always be around during scheduled playing times. If you can't find an admin or other staff, postpone the game. Make sure to save the game film in this case.

When the game is over, the winning captain will submit the Waypoint game link by clicking here. It is reccommended that all players save their game film in case of any disputes, and we love clips and screenshots of both the bizarre and awesome - you can submit them here.  Then you'll move on to your second game of the night, rinse, and repeat.

While the main focus of our league is to be competitive, we want everyone to have a great time while they're battling it out on the court. If anything (or any one) causes you to not have fun, we want to know about it. Please contact an admin with any problems you may be having - nothing is too big or too small. We don't play favorites here, and we deal with every issue on a case-by-case basis. That being said, in a few hours, our first division gets underway. Best of luck to everyone this season - play hard, laugh lots, and see you on the court!



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