FYI: Season 5 playoffs begin November 1st. Season 6 signups open November 8th.
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CONGRATULATIONS to Top Hats and Monocles - NGA Season 4 Amateur League Champions!

After defeating The Rifball Grapists in two games (7-2 and 5-4), Top Hats and Monocles has taken the title!  Congratulations Ehrique, Mr Gecko23, Mr Kingsaint10, Mr Ninja456, Mr Saintz98 and xTGz ZEUS!

Grifball Art Gallery

Here's our third entry in our Grifball Art Gallery! Check out our growing collection of authentic Halo 4 artwork - now featuring an impressive THREE images!

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Grifball's Lament

Life through the eyes of the Grifball in Halo 4. An awesome Grifball poem written by the even more awesome SquirrelBurrito.

Grifball's Lament

Chaos Courts: Alpha

A powerful AI hacked our servers last night and some interesting information was left behind in the forums about the NGA's SL13 Pro map.

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It has begun.  Can you feel it?  This is Grifball.  The time has come.  Now we unite with our friends, align with our allies, and position against our rivals...

This is Grifball

Happy Birthday, NGA!

One year ago today - on May 20th, 2012 - and the National Grifball Association were launched and for better or worse, we're still here today! SquirrelBurrito set up a thread for us all to take a walk down memory lane and share our favorite NGA stories.

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Season 4 Playoffs Have Begun! (finally)

After some long delays (sorry!), Spring League 2013 playoffs are finally getting underway!  Read on forimportant information for Captains and other details...

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Monday 9pm ET: GrifPile BOMB

Join us tomorrow (Monday, October 29th at 9pm Eastern) for our final BOMB playing GrifPile before Halo 4's release!  This will be a regular tournament playing NGA GrifPile on GrifPile Pinwheel NGA, game statistics will count towards your player career record.  Registration is for teams of two to four, and signups close at 9pm - games will begin just afterwards.

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ScoreFest Tonight, GrifPile Thursday

Well we have a surprise for you all this evening (for those who didn't notice it on the Calendar)...

Tonight at 9:30pm Eastern we'll be holding another NGA BOMB - ScoreFest 2!  It's the same game from last time (the closest thing we have to Halo 4 Grifball in Reach), but this time with teams of 4, and the health packs have been removed - both suggestions from those of you who played last time around.  Signups close 10 minutes before we play at 9:20pm Eastern.  

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Also, this Thursday at 9pm we'll finally be playing the postponed BOMB from last week - GrifPile Extreme.  For those of you who will not be able to attend, you should click on the Signup link and remove yourself from the list.  For those who would like to attend, you should sign up and we'll do the best we can to fit you in!

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GrifPile Extreme Signups Open!

UPDATE: Due to an unfortunate combination of family emergencies with three of our admins on the same night :(, we had to postpone the GrifPile Extreme BOMB.  We will PM all registered players as soon as we have a new date/time set for it.  Anybody who can not attend on the new day can just remove themselves from the list.  Our apologies to anybody who was looking forward to playing last night.

Signups are now open for Wednesday's BOMB: GrifPile Extreme (which will be played on 9/26 at 9pm Eastern).  It's individual player registration, and we'll be taking the first 16 players (plus four alternates) and choosing four captains, then holding a mini draft before game time  If enough people sign up, we may run a second group.  GrifPile Extreme is the same GrifPile we all had a blast with before, but with four teams of four!  It's insane - and fun.

Player Registration - Sign Up Here

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Final September Events and League Update

The sun is setting earlier, and it's getting colder - summer is definitely gone. The NGA has you covered though, with plenty of reasons to stay inside. Here's what we have for the rest of September:

Saturday, September 22 - Tomorrow - The Impromptu Halo 3 BOMB 4PM Eastern

With the AGLA running its Halo 3 Grifball League as well as bouts of Halo nostalgia popping up all over the place in anticipation of Halo 4, we decided to throw together a quick BOMB to celebrate the beginnings of Grifball.

Signups are already open - click here to Register - and will remain open until a half hour before the event (3:30PM Eastern tomorrow.) Instead of thinking about a team to sign up, we should probably mention that for this event, we'll be doing individual signups and generating random teams. The point of this event is more fun than fierce competition; if we have a good turnout or hear of other interest, we'll definitely organize another Halo 3 BOMB in the weeks before Halo 4 releases. We'll even give you notice next time!

Wednesday, September 26 - BOMB: Grifpile:Extreme 9PM Eastern

If you've played Grifpile with us already, you know you love it. On a whim, we tried out a 4v4v4v4 version of Grifpile, and the results were, well, extreme. Now we're bringing it to the community to see what you think!

Signups for this event will open a few days earlier, and will be FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED for the first 16 people to sign up in our forums. We will also take signups for four alternates. With enough interest, we'd be more than happy to try and get a second lobby going. Once signups are full, we'll randomly select four captains to participate in a mini-draft to determine teams.

Saturday, September 29 - HaloTracker Staff Showdown 5PM Eastern

Cheer on your admin team as they go head to head with staff from HaloTracker. Details are still being worked out, but as long as it is half grifball, we promise to give them a run for their money!

In other news, we're almost done with the second week of our second season. Shadow has been working tirelessly on our new stats setup, which when done will very quickly clean up the backlog of games to be entered. We promise all stats will be current soon! Thanks for your patience.

Season 1 playoffs are finally finishing up as well. We've got two series left in the bracket, and they should be great matchups. Catch the streaming action on our new official channel, NGAGrifball ( and follow us on Twitch or on Twitter ( for instant stream updates!

That should do it for now. We'll be back soon with more info on our HaloTracker playdate as well as more upcoming fun. As always, please stop by with any suggestions, ideas, or other comments. We're also seeking writers with original ideas to be featured on the site - talk to SquirrelBurrito if you are interested.

NGA GrifPile Champions

Congratulations to the winners of last night's NGA GrifPile BOMB - ICECARDZ and S1lentNdeadly1!  For winning, they each received a code for 1600 Microsoft Points - great job guys!

Other notable achievements - Master Sundown got two Killing Frenzies, a Running Riot, two Dreamcrushers and a Wrecking Crew - awesome!  Also, shadowrain44 got a Killing Frenzy and a Dreamcrusher, and Godlxss got a Yoink.  Not bad.  As we build the stats system out, I'll be able to find and share even more of your amazing accomplishments.

Everybody seemed to have a great time - in fact reaction was so positive we'll be sure to hold another GrifPile event sometime in the near future.  We also received a number of suggestions for how to improve the gametype - if anybody else has feedback let us know.

Thank you all for your participation, we hope you all had fun!  Our next event will be another BOMB - NGA's Battle of the Regions on Saturday, August 11th.  Registration for our second season will also be opening in the next few weeks.  And finally, keep checking for the latest NGA news as our first season comes to a close.



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